• meekcardo3s 6w

    My Lesson (NTB)

    remember when I first met you inside the school bus, you looked so sweet
    At first sight I feel in love with you and believed you're the kind of girlfriend I will spend my life with
    You stole my heart with your beautiful looks and rack of tits
    With time we become friends, dated and the love was there which was lit
    I never wanted to sex you even when I got the chance because my only intention was to respect and cherish you and that was it

    The relationship was going smoothly
    We chat and make calls every day like that was our duty
    I wrote lovely poems for you to make you feel happy
    You called me Boo and I called you my Babe, that showed our perfect chemistry

    But suddenly you stopped calling
    Suddenly you stopped caring
    At the worst of it you stopped texting
    Going at my back telling Erica that chatting with me was boring
    I heard all the shit you said about me but I never stop loving

    I tried to speak with you but your flippant attitude was getting worse
    But I don't know why
    Not until you opened your stinkhole to tell me you quit and you aren't interested anymore
    That shit made me cry

    Now I be feeling like a nigga thrown inside a dark empty inn
    You turned my heart to a cave that nobody could go in
    I was Broken looking for pills or liquor to take in
    Cause the whole shit was difficult for me to take in

    I gave you all my time
    I showed love and cared with all my heart
    But little did I know that loving you was crime
    Which I have committed and my penalty was my heart being broken apart

    I regretted how I loved you
    I regretted how I cared about you
    I regretted that I respect you
    I regretted being too nice to you
    I even regretted that I ever met you!

    You must thinking you've broken me
    But you're wrong dear. you just helped me
    Because I have learnt my lesson
    And now a different person

    Never will I affiliate myself with someone like you
    And I pray that God never let me come across someone like you
    Because you don't deserve anything good