• oneloverose 24w

    Have u ever thought to ur self and asked ur self, why u are the way u are is it sadness, loneliness, heart broken, miserable, or just all in one. My tears are my water falls my comfort to no that I still exist in this world! Have you ever felt so alone and think to yourself why this happens and ask yourself is it because of you is this your downfall is this my karma or is this what was meant for me all along. I find myself and darkness reaching out the little bit of Hope feel love to feel happiness to feel another touch just a sweet words I love you whisper when you hold me close. Feeling lost feeling alone not knowing what to expect. If I just reach maybe a little closer I would find what I'm looking for I see you the real you and I ask myself do I deserve you? Or should I just walk away! I love you I've always loved you.

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