• _poetandididntknowit_ 6w

    When will the penny drop...

    Exchange the negative for the positive, that is my prerogative.

    The human race is broken, they've forgotten how to think and live.

    Consciousness is infinite; the body is no more than a living vessel.

    Ascending to this true state of mind won't come without a wrestle.

    The way the world has been portrayed, is no more than a mere lie.

    If the newsman said that pigs could fly, most wouldn't batter an eye.

    Information controls perception and perception controls reality.

    If humankind could see this, they'd be one step closer to being free.

    Dark entities surround the masses, feeding off their energy.

    Rest in peace humankind, being blind is what cause this treachery.

    Stand together to change the future, stand tall and become one.

    Because together as an army the war, against darkness can be won.