• ajthewriter 6w

    If not the smoke, pollution
    If not the air, pollution
    If not the racism, pollution
    If not the anger, pollution
    If not the system, polluted
    If not the ghosts, pollutants
    If not the past, polluters
    If not anxiety, pollution
    If not these games, polluted
    If not the war, *see extinction*
    If not society, polluted
    If not oppression, pollution
    If not these suggested gender roles, political pollution
    If not religion, polluted, polluted, polluted
    If not white supremacy, there is no word for this sickness
    If not misogyny, pollutants indeed,

    Then the concept of law is what smothers us
    Until we can't breathe
    Until we can't breathe
    Until we can't breathe