• athira_satheesh 23w


    Lieing down , staring at the stars
    All I could think about is you
    I close my eyes , I see you
    So close to me
    Your lips lingering on mine
    And hands interwined.
    Our breath caught up in between
    You holding me so tight
    With your hands on my hips
    Oh ! I feel numb.

    I look at you
    And I smile
    Seeing you smile , makes my heart a lil warmer
    You see Right through me
    And understands me like no one else
    Your care for me is no less yah than the care given by a mother to her baby
    You brought happiness
    And smile on my face
    Even on days
    That made me feel like quiting my life.
    Oh our love so perfect
    And so pure
    I've seen love in fairy tales
    And now I'm living one ❤