• alka_dairies 5w

    Who a girl Is???
    A girl is a DIVA!!!!
    For whome you are here in this earth...
    She is a wellwisher!!!
    For whome you are alive
    So, never deny your wellness...
    She is Maa Laxmi!!!
    For whome you have money
    So, never deny to give her respect...
    She is Maa Saraswati!!!
    For whome you are able to learn
    So, never deny to her sayings...
    She is Maa Santoshi!!!
    For whome you are smiling
    So, never deny to your happiness...
    She is Maa Durga!!!
    For whome you know the meaning of justice
    So, never deny to face the truth...

    She is "ALL IN ONE"
    Without SHE we are nothing
    but a puppet!!!