• dpadilla 9w

    I would've
    Taken you to see the Northern Lights
    And rubbed your feet near every night
    And charmed your friends, impressed your mom
    I'd make you art, and sing you songs
    I'd show you off to everyone
    And still say I'm the lucky one
    I'd cook for you, make sure you're fed
    I'd love you for what's in your head
    I'd make you laugh and make you smile
    And rub your shoulders all the while
    I'd listen to you everyday
    If you had something deep to say

    But you're too tired to have that talk
    So I think it's time I walk.
    I don't hate you, never could
    I just want to feel understood,
    To feel like a priority.
    So now what can YOU do for ME?
    Think of what you'd like to say
    And you can call me, night or day
    Or make a trip if you so please.
    I think that you still have my keys.