• kuchankahejazbaat 35w

    Recipe of a Writer

    Ingredients: A Heart that was once fine, An Un-Accomplished Love, Emotions not yet expressed and some words for garnishing.

    Take a Fresh heart that was working fine.
    Give it to someone who promises to keep it safe.
    Make yourself believe in the concept of Love.
    Let time take its natural course, more often than not the heart would break (If not, it would make another recipe altogether).
    Be ready for some sleepless nights.
    Add some tears and feeling of numbness and that of being unwanted.
    Take a Pen and a paper, vomit out all that you have experienced (although not exactly about what you have been through)
    Words will automatically fit in to make it look, smell and taste just perfect.

    P.S.: You will sometimes be surprised that you could write and write indeed amazingly, and in the process a Writer is made.

    The above is applicable in most cases, some can be naturally talented ~ and not of the clan I belong to...No offense to them.