• 5amthoughts 10w


    Soft gleam in those honey brown eyes
    Of yours as you watch me walk to you,
    That smile brighter than a summer's day
    I even hear it in your voice
    When you call me, miles away.
    Softness in the way you hold me by the waist
    Yet firm as If you never want to let me go.
    Delicacy in the way you kiss my forehead,
    Fierce intensity when you kiss my lips
    As if you'd always want me,
    As if you'd always want more.
    And I Iove to feel your stare on me
    Whenever I look away
    But my heart sinks
    In knowing I can't treat you the same way.
    I only wish, I was as sure of you
    As you are of me
    For I don't know if I can be your forever,
    When I'm not even sure of my tomorrow.
    The light in you shines so bright the only
    Bad thing is it makes mine feel
    Infinitely darker.
    Tell me darling, is it still love
    To let someone go because
    You know they deserve better?