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    Mommy's girl

    Mommy's girl is fading with the passing hours of the day
    and my very heart bleeds seeing her this way!

    My heart wants her to not let the melancholy eat her
    for her dear ones miss her,they need her!

    Someone please tell her she now goes to the better place
    Ask her to stop now for the heaven's sake!

    No matter how hard her soul try,
    massively hurt with the melody of her daughter's cry!

    It's time to be her
    super girl instead of being that little girl.
    Wipe now tears away and warn them stay tons of miles away!

    Dont want to see her torn,for she used to be very strong.
    Please ask her to be around,for no traces of her to be found!

    I am clueless of all the stress,which she will has to face next.
    But still she can do her best,will give her best!

    -Aleebah Shahzad.