• dreamwriter903 31w

    "I Wanted To Check In"

    Hey Momma,

    I Wanted To Check In to check on you and daddy I know things have been hard as much as time has but dry your eye's I told you I'd be back so here I am. God gave me some time so I ask him if it would be cool if I check on you from my flying time.

    I Wanted To Check In to tell you I've hanging out with uncle Jim doing what we used to do the Egyptian walk across heaven skies I'm surprised you haven't seen our footsteps across the skies.

    I Wanted To Check In Granny was going come with me to check on y'all but told me to go ahead because she had to finish up some work God intended for her to get done but wanted me to tell you she loves you and daddy and Sara, by the way, tell daddy me and granddad went fishing by the heavenly lake we have up here I still get a kick out of that.

    I Wanted To Check In, by the way, check out these wings god bless me with royal blue and not that dark shaded royal blue but anyway everyone up here wanted me to tell you hey and that they loved you and one day we all will be up here don't worry God told me to see Y'all at the gates and save a place for Y'all at the table.

    I Wanted To Check In to tell you that I love Y'all I'm sorry for all the stress and the pain I've caused. Tell my sister that pound of her an that I'm sorry i was so mean to her just wanted her to be ready for whatever came her way but came out an amazing mother and a little sister couldn't have to ask for anyone better than her.

    I Wanted To Check In to let you know your baby boy doing ok but missing Y'all and can't wait to see your beautiful smile an love on my daddy and give you a big heavenly wing hug. I better go God calling me for a fitting of my Robe and Crown I love Y'all

    I Wanted To Check In