• ish000 9w

    Celebrating 1400 days of togetherness

    He is my first beau
    And the last one.
    I can't ever forget him.
    He is very special for me.
    I do remember the moment,
    When we were too close,
    No distance between us.
    Such a magical time it was.
    When he holds my hand,
    My tension never remains.
    A feeling of relaxation,
    And no travail lefts.
    When he hugged me tightly
    I felt a world in his arms.
    The best eve I ever had,
    I listened his breath.
    Dark desolated place,
    Not even a movement there,
    Felt like the time too stopped.
    Air too became motionless,
    only Fragrance of his body in air.
    No sound was there,
    only the silence existed
    I heard his heartbeat very clear.
    A deep ocean of feelings,
    Affection and care were only around.
    I felt him as mine
    And lost myself in him.
    And everything continued that eve.
    Can't explain further..
    It was totally inexpressible..