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    The princess looked around.. She had a beautiful palace, a handsome lover and all the riches she'd ever need. She then looked into the mirror. She saw her confident face, beautiful curves, smooth skin and youth. It felt for a moment that everything was so perfect.
    Then she noticed her own eyes - there, it was back again.. the yearning..

    Yearning for a new quest - of love.. She yearned to find a broken man and mend him again with love. That was when she felt the happiest. Giving away pieces of herself to the person - often leaving wounds on her so deep - some never heal..

    Diving into the deepest darkest secrets that make the man who he is and to see him truly naked - bare of all egos, pretenses, lies and facades. To then shower love on this deeply flawed human being with complete acceptance and absolutely no judgement.

    That was when she felt the happiest. And then to yearn - to be loved the same way, that he would too unravel her and shower her with love accepting her deep dark flaws, scars and fears..