• boo_radey 10w

    if you see me on the street
    under white twinkling lights
    bundled in a toque and mittens
    cheeks flushed poinsettia red
    in your presence
    snowflakes sparkling
    as they melt on thick lashes
    black eyes pooling
    with dishonorable intentions
    I hope you quell
    the storm in me
    with a whispered plea
    two sets of footprints
    leading to your cabin
    fireplace crackling
    top-shelf rum
    and egg nog to drink
    Elvis on the record machine
    singing Blue Christmas
    as you wrap me
    in your arms like a present
    throw me down
    underneath the tree
    tinsel and evergreen
    falling all around us
    sugarplum kisses
    on candy cane lips
    flannel shirts on the floor
    and a blizzard outside
    making love like it's
    December 25th
    too drunk on you to care
    when Christmas is

    - L.R.