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    Then the demon took over.

    She was denied of the love & warmth she always yearned for. You didn't care for her with your agenda of making her strong. You tore her down and shattered her into zillion pieces.

    She didn't know what to feel & what to not. Of the fact that whom she could trust to not betray her vulnerabilities. Refused to show her emotions because when she did you played it down like nothing. You told she was over reacting, then used the same to stab her when she was down. She wailed in silence terrified not to show her feelings and let all the sobs out.

    For if she gasped as little as possible, you would strangle her again. As the days passed your mind twisted. She didn't bow down to your commandments, with time she revolted to your indignitaries.

    Afraid of losing your grip, you took her in your arms giving her a false sense of security. Then gripped her shoulders piercing your claws deep within immobilising her.

    Even when she begged she couldn't be relieved. Day night she cried of a better day, hoping someone would rescue her, nobody did. The pain began blinding her often lasting for weeks.

    Then begin her plan to free herself. One day playing the same facade you did, she surprised you. You didn't let go you too fought.

    Screaming in great pain she started shaking her shoulders, but the claws dig deeper. Again she tried, blood oozing out she flailed her arms to no avail. Then strategy began to form her in her mind. For to free herself she had to immobilize you. The many malices of you came to her rescue. She couldn't hurt your heart for you had none. She punched & kicked you where she knew will hurt you the most your fathomless evil mind. Whimpering you released her. The pain hitting you for the first time of all she felt for years. You couldn't get up for days, for you fed on her.

    Looking at her, your heart clenched. For now she had no soft look on her face. Her eyes were blazing fire, her shadow beckoning like a demon.

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    For instead of wings, she had horns