• king_brrzzy 5w


    When I think of media, the first word I can associate with is information. Hence, information has the ability to liberate or enslave. It is up to an individual to be selective of good influences from bad.

    Over the years our capacity of intellect has grown in technological advancement in such a way that everything that we need we can access it through media. The irony is that our creativity, uniqueness is in crisis. Many of us if not all are the puppet to media. Wether broadcast, publishing or internet, we are consumers of these medium.

    Internet and Broadcast influences number of us to the core our perception about our own lives revolve around what we indulge in through media. It is so sad because what we see on media simply does not always reflect reality but it build consumerism. We are so caught up into media that we even lack social skills, our socialization is now dependant on media.

    They say too much of something is bad for one's health. Thus, too much indulgence in media is bad for once mind. Hence, one has to be able to be vigilant about what kind of influence they are willing to let the media impact on their lives.