• thereshamsharma 51w


    P.S. Am I a star? The feelings are so similar.

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    I have been up there for long
    I can't stand it anymore
    Faking a smile through my gleam
    I am no longer what I was before
    I tried to love him
    With all that I hold
    But to the sun
    His love was already sold
    When you see me twinkle at night
    I am not winking at you dear
    They are the screams inside me
    That I can't make you hear
    I was among so many stars as me
    Yet I was so alone
    It's been long
    That I've shone
    I am tired of this
    Giving yet receiving nothing for me
    I want to break apart
    No more bliss and love I see
    Let me fall to you
    Don't catch me please
    I want to be shattered in pieces
    And left on the ground at ease
    So I can still gaze at moon
    I've loved since years
    And when I fall,
    As a mesmerizing sight I will appear
    Wish for something when I fall
    For my love story wasn't a success
    But I would like to do something for you
    So then maybe at peace I'll rest
    I will love the moon forever
    And lay on this ground
    For in these broken pieces of mine
    Solace I've found