• dusts_of_unsaid 5w

    Hey, the one up there,
    How are you holding up?
    All night all alone,
    Thou surrounded by a million stars none your type,
    What's with all the fading and glowing and yet so convincing,
    I keep wondering what it is to be you, so high surrounded by millions and admired for the beauty and glow. Looked upon by all and secretly admired even the grumpiest of all.
    How Nonchalant you seem to be or it is a facade?
    Will I ever get to look beyond that beauty, that mask.
    The glamour isn't what I'm looking for but the truth behind it.
    But you have always been that soothing breeze,who washes of my pain and tears,
    You give hope and strength to endure,
    You have become the go to person.
    And finally I ask you again what's with all the secrets and I hear "just watching out for the broken souls".