• saumya_mis 30w

    Day by day Curtain of life
    is thudding.
    Happiness is fragmenting into
    slices of gloominess.
    Causing heartache,
    pain in vain and
    perplexity in futility.
    Shackles of seclusion had
    clenched us tightly,
    Forlorn hopes are exasperating
    as nightmares.
    Petals of trust had been falling
    making us viscous.
    Darkness prevailed in life
    had been humiliating, letting
    us fall in ditch with no hand
    to hold on.
    Every day the brokenness bothers
    till the last breath.
    But it's not the end
    There is a morning
    after every Sunset!

    Saumya Mishra