• maynahd 5w


    Once I'll meet you,
    It may be calm.
    Once I'll meet you,
    I may be giggling at my old self.
    Once I'll meet you,
    I may forget the ambitious me.
    Like I forget,
    When I imagine you.
    You can call me delibal,
    It will make me giggle more.
    I'll lose myself,
    I'll die like a supernova.
    Splashing my ashq with my sparks.

    I heard,
    Death is a lie.
    Once I meet you I'll be sure,
    It indeed is.
    Meeting you will make me believe it,
    'cause there would be no other reason to live then.

    After death,
    If there is another life I'll long to meet you again.
    Maybe this time tell you my longing for you.
    Maybe tell you how I giggle over my imagination about you.
    Maybe tell you how I dance imagining you.

    Ah my delibal,ah ah
    I'll again long to die as a supernova then.


    Ashq is a Turkish term meaning love and delibal is also Turkish meaning 'mad honey'.

    In above lines maynahd longs to meet an imaginary character, she has build in her mind. This is not referred to any real person.