• slkwrites 5w


    I want to glow softly
    Not on you but near you
    Close enough for you to see me
    Far enough that you don’t need to

    A gentle, lingering presence
    Safe in your home
    I’m not here forever but you can call me your own

    I sometimes feel like I’m a candle to you
    Hear me out,
    This is just between us two

    You pick me up when you need comfort and drop me when you don’t
    I could hurt you if I wanted to but we both know I won’t

    So, if nothing else, keep me on your shelf
    You don’t have to love me but keep me to yourself
    Keep me for cold nights, lonely nights or when you can’t sleep

    I’m not important to you but for a moment
    I could be

    Sarah-Louise Kelly