• pallu57 6w

    Letter to my Dear bestfriend ...!

    From stranger to bestfriend to many many more relations !!but you never changed for me i took many more years to have trust on you but i used to know you from 11th where you barely attend classes & that time time i was stupid enough to realise anything where it's people or things so that time life was going with the flow but our bond gone stronger than ever before !you were the only people who read me like no one will ever do....

    Some mistakes was mine but there some where yours too but you learned from them but i realised it too late !! I wish i could have realised things little earlier but everything happens on their own time for our good only so doesn't matter & here the our story went little longer but ended very soon sadely ... From Scol time i enjoyed with you but Just because of one mistake i was scared of living my own life joyfully! But later on world has tought but you influenced me more because you were there to understand me believe in me more than anyone else even if i don't know everything but i know things which i should have known about you!!

    So this all started with my college time
    &I'm thankful for being here because i got you in the world full of fake people but destiny had another plans coincidently we met in college &becomed best friends but both were on different track. but soulmate are made in heaven so they are destined to meet there lot of shit happened in life but some where special for me & finally we met on The way to understand everything where it's about love, life , faith with coincidence but God took you back in their world living me alone after getting everything in this fake world with him &after him ! This all becomed a setback because i miss uhh now but sorry i after you went i couldn't get anything so i messed everything listening to others but now i can get everything everybody who come has some changes to make in our Life &you were the one & only mine after so much drama we both realised the meaning of true things in our life there's more to be told in our story .but on next page it will be carried out!

    you were right we only live once & love also happen only once &we also get married only once but now i have to live like it is the once because you are not alive for this world but for me you are now I'm trying to live like a carefree soul the way you left me !!!