• myrasmith 5w


    My tongue ran over the sands of dusts,
    My mind spilled out serpentine covictions,
    My heart roared about the thundering sins,
    My skin gnawed at the filthy rancid marks,
    My soul latched onto the anguished lies,
    My body screamed from the brutal torments,

    Aeons of tortures in the pits of doom,
    Maniacal laughters of the creatures boom,
    Eerie silence and creepy voices loom,
    Ghouls and shadows fade and zoom,
    Edges and cliffs of coom,
    Darkness crawls in the room,

    I wake up drenched in sweat,
    Two glowing eyes meet with mine,
    Grinning it said,
    "Welcome to doomsday"