• plasticjesus 11w


    Do not kiss my stomach or my scars or my stretch marks. Do not kiss me where I feel my weakest. Do not hold me like a child. Do not tell me everything will be alright. Sit there in silence with me. Hold me hands. Kiss my lips. Kiss my neck. My scars, and my fat, and my stretch marks do not define me, but my throat pulls blood to my brain, and my lips have touched everything I have ever wish I had never said. Kiss me where I've been bad. Where I've been horrible. Where I've held my own throat trying to see how long I can go until my body makes myself let go. Where I've lied horrible lies and spoken secret truths. Tell me everything is awful. Tell me the stars do not shine for me, they shine because there is too much they create for them to calm down. Tell me that time is a line that cannot be changed and has not changed and will not change and that what has happened to me has always happened to me, and will always happen to me and I cannot control it. Tell me everything sucks. Tell me that people purposely hurt other people. Tell me women tear at themselves because of what they cannot do. Tell me every awful thing I have ever done. Sit there in silence with me. Let me do the same to you. Let me hold your hands to the ceiling as every spout of anger flows through you. Let me kiss you so deeply I can hear every one of you're vile mutters. I will tell you all the awful things about you. I will tell you how bad you are. How you have hurt people in a horrible way. How you know what is wrong and yet you continue to do it .

    And after this, let our bodies be held together so tightly that we put hydrogen bonds to shame and we are so tired that even the oldest star screams at the bags under our eyes. Lie to me. Tell me you love me. I'll tell you the truth.