• iamchillyatthetop 35w

    find me in my nudity sitting on my reading desk, staring at the patches on my wall. find me with all my scars and marks living their own lives. find me standing by the door listening to rap of my neighbour's knocks. find me alone at the orchard experiencing the metamorphosis of the butterfly and peeling an orange with my fingers. find me all by my self at the cinema crying to myself. find me writing love poems. I-loved-and-I-lost poems. find me having a thin appetite and a wish not to leave my bed. find me eating 'pure bliss' and binging on 'how to get away with murder' few days to my exams. find me singing 'thy will be done' on a Sunday morning. find me in my lecture room thinking the room is a graveyard and everyone are walking deads. find me missing calls and not replying text messages. find me where I am.