• differentmilkshakevoid__ 51w


    You wake up at 2 am, sweating and with a dry throat. This has been happening for over two weeks now. Sleeping at night gives you the creep. So you wait, wait till you see the dawn break and slowly close your eyes. Mornings are always tough on you, with not getting enough sleep and the dreams still haunting you. A nyctophilia started fearing her love, because that was the only time your mind was free from all the other thoughts. The time, when your mind could control your brain and not the other way round which you prefer. The time when you just cannot stop it from being a reality. You are confused. Confused, as to how you even started thinking about it. Confused as to why your mother chose to believe someone else over you. Confused as to why you just could not move on, even though you tell yourself that you did. You start questioning yourself, "what have i possibly done to deserve this?". You realise that you like days over nights now because at least you can pretend that everything is fine. But is it actually fine?
    Are you okay?
    You ask yourself this question almost infinite times a day. You beg for someone else to ask you this. Moreover, you crave to answer the exact opposite than what you usually reply. It's been over 5 years now and still the memory of that night does not let you be free.
    We have all been through this, haven't we? Well, almost half of us have. We all have things that haunt us throughout our life, things which we do not want to remember, people that we lost.We all pretend.We all hope for better things. But some us of never accept the fact that all those memories will always be with us, whether we like it or not.
    So, to the rest of them. This is for you.
    You are brave, brave to walk around knowing the truth to be different.