• sweta_947 31w

    Dressed in new attire
    The little girl was excited.
    So was her dad and brother.
    It was the new year eve
    Of the Bengali calendar.
    Confident was her mom
    Who sat on the driver seat
    To drive her family
    For the first time
    Ready to show her
    Newly learned driving skills.
    All joined hands
    Prayed the good Lord.
    And, boom!
    Keys turned on
    Yet, the car didn't move.
    Dad, his expression
    Became tensed
    But, mother had a tough soul
    Tried again.
    The wheels rolled.
    The smile on her face,
    Damn, the smile was ethereal
    The dimple creased deeper
    Oh! She looked so happy.
    So was the little kid
    Her joyous heart leaped
    As her mom took the turning
    And drove at a mild pace
    On the Lane of The Bishop.
    Firm hands on the stirring wheel
    Weary eyes on the rear window
    Spine straight on the seat
    She was optimistic.
    Yet, dad was nervous
    Again and again
    He would scream
    Ask her to be careful for the bike
    The bike, that was almost a metre away.
    He would scream
    Ask her to maintain a steady pace
    When in fact she was driving in a mild speed.
    The little girl giggled at her dad's tactics
    Oh! Silly dad, she thought.
    Little girl had full faith on her mother.
    And with each turn she took
    She proved her determination
    To the little girl.
    As they passed the tall coconut trees
    Lining the left of the road
    The little girl
    Pondered deeply
    Learned a lesson
    Of sheer firmness.
    Yes, she was proud of her mother.
    And that little girl
    Is me!