• shaunconlane_ 6w

    Piece of the puzzle

    When I felt I was dying that emptiness inside, you gave me a that smile back, my confidence, sureness that stride

    I fear this feeling of wanting you is it too much, but your compelling compassion, sincerity, strength, the honest your trust, then the realisation your out-with my touch.

    When I’m with you life just seems incredibly fast that moment of present in an instant becomes the past, You just don’t see how powerful this spell is that you’ve cast

    This love I don’t doubt you will ever conceive, that long for you to be that soul mate you just won’t ever see or be able to believe

    There’s the hope that in my life you will always stay, you never leave my thoughts wether night or day and It wouldn’t be the same any other way

    Your that missing part of my puzzle of that I’ve never been more sure and without my missing piece oh how life would be a chore.