• writingby_swabiha 5w

    My heart is now in so much pain.
    My tears are falling like pouring rain.
    I can no longer sleep a full night.
    I can no longer fight.
    We broke each other's hearts.
    We were torn apart.
    We are no longer together.
    What happened to forever?
    No one can save me from the dark's might.
    This time there will be no light.
    I'm not going to fight.
    There's no reason to.
    When I did fight, it was for you.
    I know I never did show how I felt.
    Just believe me,
    every time I saw you,
    my heart would melt.
    Just know...
    I loved you then,
    I love you still.
    I promise
    I always will.
    I don't know why
    we had to say our goodbyes...
    but I'll love you till the day I die.
    My heart is broken,
    but I still have hope.
    One day
    we might get back together.
    Maybe next time will be forever.