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    Anyone and Everyone Can Help:- (Part-2)

    We had crushed the spine of the rebel groups in Afghanistan by bombing and attacking their important base camps where their commanding officers and important supply outfits were destroyed. However, this was not too sufficient. We had to stop the funding and support.

    However, this was quite easy as our informers of RAW had deciphered all the fund sources. They were apparently some dangerous politicians and drug dealers and notorious criminals from uptown neighborhoods of Mazar-i-Sharif city.

    Our Convoy of encounter specialists reached the area and immediately had everyone arrested. We also got permission from the senior politicians of Afghanistan that we have all the permission to fatally wound anyone who opposes the action.

    We took advantage of the situation and attacked everyone there and had them arrested. Anyone who dared to attack us was fatally shot in the head. Thus we confiscated all their regional and international property and seized all their Million Dollars situated in different banks around the world.

    A lot of major fund sources were eliminated alongside a few corrupt politicians who were also arrested in a jiffy.

    However, there was a slight catch. The Indian Intelligence Bureau established contact with the RAW stating that the funding is also done by a few members in India. I informed my cousin who immediately alerted the CBI and had almost every fund source either encountered or arrested. Thus their funding was already stopped except a little.

    My cousin told that a few politicians in India were also responsible for funding. Thus my cousin used the political influence of his heavily influential politician Friends and his team to encounter all the politicians and gangs. There was a case filed against my cousin for so many encounters, and he stood a chance of being suspended. But was it practically possible???

    No! Not even in anyone's dreams. Our influential political Friends immediately spoke to the Human Rights Council in India and also to the media and the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) telling them about the INTERPOL mission and that any more enquiries would prove disastrous to the Media and Human Rights Council.

    However, they were not agitated or angry. They saw the amount of good that my cousin and the INTERPOL team and the politician Friends were doing that they immediately tore all paperwork and discarded it. They also decided to offer funds to the victims of terror and also decided to improve the quality of lives for the Afghan refugees.

    We had to send a few refugee families to reunite with their relatives in the Europe and the Middle East. Hearing this, all politician Friends, alongside their seniors and all journalists and media and Human Rights Council members provided maximum funding.

    After our raids on the illegal gun markets in Afghanistan, many people would not even have food to eat and nor could they fund their families in Europe and Middle East.

    However, due to the efforts of all my influential Friends and also some billionaire Friends in the Middle East and Europe, a countless number of these refugees from Afghanistan would be sent to the regions and would be given good housing, education and healthcare and also permanent citizenship.

    We had a small break where we escorted many buses full of refugee families who would live a happy life abroad. After having many victims and refugees send abroad to give them a good life, we decided to finish off
    the rebels completely.

    Let's catch up in part 3. Where we end a school shooting and finish them off.

    DISCLAIMER :- This is a fictional story that has no relation to any real events. Any resemblance between any characters or events in the story to any in real life is purely coincidental. This story has no intention to promote Violence nor does it have any intention to associate any country with corruption, crime or terrorism.