• dsouzamaria 23w


    Looking around here and there
    no one around.
    Parents busy in their work,
    Friends busy with their talk
    Always in a crowd
    Accompanied by loneliness
    Everyone seemed to be there for her
    For her did anyone really care?

    Always talking behind the doors
    on the other side
    raising pairs of eye brows
    It was not a matter of concern
    for her anymore.
    Even the invisible friends
    came to the fore.
    Life was no longer lone or bore.
    It was just she and her phone.

    Interests, curiosity aroused,
    Investigations started.

    At an early age only f twenty
    In a mental asylum she landed.


    She had entered that dark stage of loneliness
    where she had personified that mess.
    She had fallen for loneliness.

    Long talks on mobile,
    but balance never ended,
    Cuz never there was anyone
    on the other end.

    It had claimed
    yet another life.