• mc_whyte 6w


    Knock! Knock! Knock!
    Dad I need to speak to you!
    Can you come out for a minute?
    I need you to tell me why you failed to keep your promises!
    Didn't you promise to wear a white suit while walking me down the aisle?
    Didn't you promise to be the happiest on sister's graduation?
    Didn't you promise to surprise mom on your 20th anniversary?
    Why did you make promises you can't keep?
    Why did you leave so early?
    Why didn't you say goodbye?
    Won't you come out now?
    Are you suddenly ashamed to face me?
    Mom needs you back!
    Sister can't stop crying!
    Have you no heart again?
    Has your heart really stopped beating?
    Are you really gone?
    For how long dad?