• njram6 31w

    You nurtured us in the amniotic fluid.
    Day and night flew away.
    Sleep less night increased,
    heart beats faster when we cry,
    eventhough your body,
    mind needs a rest.
    Iron lady in our life!
    Lost her companion in her half way
    Giggled with us hiding her sorrows and worries
    Protected us from the filthy society
    Taught us the moral values
    Encouraged us when we are down
    Lifted us,stood like a pillar eventhough
    You were fighting against cancer,
    Love and affection of yours
    can't be measured! We are proud to be
    your children.
    We love you mom!

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    Iron lady

    M-Maginificent iron lady
    O-Overwhelmed by her status
    T-Thoughtful person
    H-Hiding her sorrows behind her smile
    E-Encouraging and motivating person in our life
    R-Reliving her childhood through us!