• jwinchester 6w

    For My Dying Life

    Things that make me
    happiest to conceive
    is longing an embrace
    from another receive.

    I've strangled life my
    suffocation is a crime.
    I've tried resuscitate a
    depth inside my mind.

    I just sit here wishing
    for interaction a smile
    that the world took it
    did and still it defiles.

    The world it tainted
    tapestries I've painted;
    but they are not real
    until I am resuscitated.

    Life has taken a wind
    out of lungs I do cry
    for those I've loved I
    never said goodbyes.

    Empty are my eyes it
    a blank stare I wear
    dreaming of a soul I
    could share my care.

    I never wanted what I
    have received in a life
    that has been torn by
    barb wire behind I die.