• lance_arthur 6w

    Until The End

    The devils in my room naked and I'm playing songs
    He's dancing in a circle in a trance
    And I don't give a damn
    I just want lovers in my hands
    Down below the hot Egyptian sand
    Love to write love songs but instead, I'm always writing my wrongs
    Romance is a thirsty well deep and wide, better to talk to a Riverside.
    You know I drinks a bit I've treated this world mean but I'm trying to take back all those tears that fall in the cracks.
    Staying up late writing my freedom I know I'll find a reason to lean on.
    Either it's jazz or blues that takes me sweetly away.
    I'll take your lonesome day and give it away just don't count me astray.
    To the lot ill be seen as static like an old T.V. still searching for a frame but I won't always be so fragile. I'm with the forgotten and it's all the same.