• saloni__grover__ 10w

    The spark you have seen, isn't just the spark.
    It is the bundle of efforts.. not just the efforts but
    the efforts with the divinity. It is bundle of something, which comes from deep within.. natural along with
    the efforts made to nurture it, nourish it..

    If you can't see that spark right now.. If you are missing
    the spark these days.. that just don't mean.. its gone..
    its lost.. 'Cause it is not. It is right there.. deep within..
    it just needs to be adjusted.. not with more efforts but with the efforts in tune with the divinity.. to keep it alive.. and it will be back again.. Back again with the same twinkling or this time, may be a little more than before..

    You will experience that spark again.. May be you will miss it again.. Remember, its just the proportion which needs to be adjusted.. and you need to be reminded again and again that its still there.. right there within you.. Alive.. you may take some time.. but thats absolutely fine as long as you are not ready to give up..and It will always come back to until it becomes a part of you.. 'Cause that spark is nothing but You.