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    I have invariably got perplexed when I think how painful it would have been for some people to live amongst a crowd of people inspite of feeling lonely.

    Each sunset evening had different clouds and it could possibly be because of that, I read different stories from them. Whether it was the cirrus, cumulus or the stratus, I had adored the way their dull and desolate outlook still enhanced and enticed my aesthetic moments of life. However, their little creative shapes seemed to resemble the sort of solitude which I mentioned before; the one that digs deeper into your ears craving for more of it and keeping you more and more away from people, nearer they reach. The clouds are astonishing. No, not that, they are splendid in their make over. They only lack it. But livin' together with a troop of several macroscopic or mini clouds; it depends; they still trigger solitude in some lone souls. What an oxymoron !!! Poets stumble at this anonymous authority of poetry.

    Well, coming back to why it happens, I don't have an answer. Wait, it is not depression. But still, at times ruining this enthralling availability of lack of solitude, will often come out to be disastrously amazing. I love oxymorons.

    Today, if possible, take in your hand something you love the most on this earth; for me it is my art book; and after the sunset, when the sky is just only around to bid adieu to sunlight welcoming the moon-lit night, go to the balcony, sit back and accompany the overwhelming welcome. Ponder at each cloud. Dig into its loneliness; if you ever find it, gradually you will become its most obvious friend. That would be splendid. More than you would have imagined. Never mind if someone just rushes into your silent muse, listen to the silence and you will fall in love with that. This will keep you away from the distressing solitude of the crowd. The most ferocious creature on earth.

    Stop eating unhealthy noises my dear friend, start having some healthy silences too. And yes, they do live in the evening clouds.

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