• esther_bbo 6w

    My fears

    Something is lurking within me just beneath my heart and behind my eyes. I feel it each time I take a breath, my consciousness brings it to life. What do I make of this feeling?where do I put it?. We claim to see a person’s soul when we look into their eyes, why can’t they see mine? Why can’t they see that I’m scared?. I mean If they look just hard enough maybe they will see me screaming my lungs out. Am I the only one with this seemingly persistent emotion?. It’s almost like I can’t even allow myself accommodate this emotion, because it will swallow me whole, well that’s what people make it seem like but, it’s not going away. I’m pursuing normal things and trying to finish this race successfully but why does the very thought of attaining my goals scare me? I would do anything to have it taken away but then again would I?