• _tanya_ 22w


    I want to lie down in the open green field, with mist piercing my skin and feeling its softness. Stars above me, a star beside me. Hands in hands we keep staring at sky. A perfect tinge of black with shiny moonlight. We keep staring at it for a moment. Forming constellation,imagining our future, looking beyond it. While uh still gaze at sky , I turn towards you and what  I see next amazed me. I saw the whole universe with just one star beside me. I noticed the beauty of that star. A perfect jawline to go with that blazing eyes, but what made the star shine bright was the sanity of its heart. In my own tiny universe I started to feel the luckiest one in it.  You turned your face towards me . Both soaked in our ocean of love. You held my hands more tightly making your firm stronger. Your eyes gazed bright, promising a beautiful future . Your smile was evident that we eventually made it. Something in us told that we were meant to be for eachother. My eyes filled with tears, tears of joy , of being finally loved by someone. To be dragged out of the blackhole of my life into a warm tiny place , your arms, which meant the world to me. Safe,Secured and Secluded. You made me feel complete and loved in the world of broken hearts. But what is still there in me is scary, what if even you are an illusion? What if all this is just a dream and it would be over the moment i wake upto? These thoughts still haunts me every night. But then you come and kiss my eyes and make me believe that even dreams can come true. Well you were one of dream and it did come true . So why not try our hand in making this one be true again.