• heartex1718 35w

    Little puppet

    Look at you! Haha! You're my new puppet
    Look at the way I move you
    I can pull your little strings and you can't do anything about it
    Aren't you having fun
    I am
    I'm in control and you do as I say
    Well, as I pull your strings
    Haha! Aren't you having fun
    Why arent you smiling
    I want you to smile
    I am
    You know you cant leave right?
    But I'm free to do as I please
    You're tied to these strings
    That I hold
    I'm free and you're not
    Aren't you having fun
    I am
    You know you should be happy for what you have
    I am
    You have a home and you have food
    Be happy
    Smile more its so cute
    I'm gonna pull the strings and you'll do as I say
    Now smile
    See im smiling
    And you should be too
    See can I show emotions
    You should to
    Oh wait you can't
    You're a little puppet
    And im in control
    You do as I say
    While I do as I please
    I hold your strings in my hand
    Aren't you having fun little puppet
    I am