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    How easy was it for you to judge my actions
    And the reasons behind them,
    To decree that it was ego that stopped me from
    Approaching people,
    That I considered myself to be above one and all
    And shame me for simply looking out for myself
    When you knew nothing of me,
    Not of the demons that I fell asleep with
    Or the insecurities that woke up with me,
    Or of the times when I've tried to approach people
    Only to be ignored in return,
    The times when I've tried to speak,
    Only for my words to be equated with silence
    The times when I went out of the way to help
    Only to never have anyone offer me a hand
    When I fell down.
    You know not of the times I've wept,
    Wishing for a shoulder but settling for a pen,
    You know not of the scars that I have,
    Hidden beneath the facade that I wear.

    It wasn't arrogance that held me back,
    But my love for myself that
    Prevented me from further
    Getting hurt.
    So before you start judging
    Me back, know that
    What you call ego,
    I call it pride.

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    And while pride is self love,
    Ego is self obsession...