• the_darmin 9w

    What a word, Bonnie what a word
    The mania there makes me smile
    Reminds me of memories
    Of when I was told you are smart
    My reply remained you can't be serious
    I am nothing special
    Not long ago, I embraced all of me
    I'm talking 2 months max
    I discovered my inner self, my inner rani
    A queen in her own rights
    A genius unstoppable
    An amazing princess
    Best of them all
    When you walk into the room
    And you feel like you are the best
    No one and I mean no one can beat you down
    I feel like we don't realize we are special
    You are not like me
    I am not you
    We are unique
    Bonnie dear you are unique
    And this is all for you
    You gotta defeat the insanity
    You have to stay sane
    A faceless darmin believes this
    Lots of love to you and you
    That might stumble on this spur of the moment post