• kellyhassan 9w

    Some friends are like diamonds,
    While some are like snakes,
    While some want evil,
    Some friends can be trusted,
    While some can't be trusted,

    Some friends don't want to see your fall,
    See you cry, helpless, in pains,
    While some always want to see your fall,
    See you crying, helpless ane in pains.

    Some are just your fake friends,
    They pretend with you and any slight mistake,
    They would use it has an advantage over you,
    They would belittle you at any slight mistake made by you,
    They envy and are jealous of you.

    Some are true friends,
    Which are as rare as diamonds,
    They say that there is nothing like a friend,
    But i believe that in tough times your true friends would be there with you,
    But if you really want to know your true friends just test them,
    Well a friend inneed is a friend indeed.

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