• grim_n01r 6w

    I am

    I am that which comes from the darkest depths. I rob your ability to feel and I instill a darkness in your heart that makes you wish for the light once again but no matter how close you come to obtaining it I strip it away. I destroy your friendships, your relationships, and any semblance of joy that you may think you can have. I rob you of the ability to care and I instill only a pain that cannot go away. I am the demon that haunts your every waking step and I am the shadow on the wall of your room as you weep behind closed doors. I am that which will make you grit your teeth and scream and that which will drive you mad if you let me. I am that which makes you believe I cannot be conquered and I am that which will deprive you of all that you once loved to do. I am depression.