• sayantanpaul 5w

    A sky full of stars

    Scuba is way overrated,
    Said my heart, and
    Though the experience was nice
    It still left me wanting for more.
    So me, alone, headed for
    A night of kayaking at 12am,
    With only a boat and a paddle,
    Drifting through the eerily calm sea
    Waves that seemingly carried you
    Away from the shore.
    Slowly the moon began to set,
    Am telling you moonsets are the real deal,
    Totally overwhelming sunsets or sunrises!
    It slowly became foggy, through
    The clouds in the horizon,
    Casting a haunting looming shadow.
    And then there was total darkness.
    The sky was filled with stars!
    Oh a comet! And the big bear!
    Pointing out constellations were never this easy.
    But a miracle still awaited.
    The water around our boats began to glow,
    Filled with a thousand fireflies under water,
    The sands sparkled like thunderbolts.
    And I laid back,
    Exhausted, thrilled, and humbled,
    For this made me believe in God once more!