• rasvi_maligi 9w

    Moving on.
    Mere synonyms for tomfoolery,
    Or atmost, writing prompts for
    daft wannabe poets like us.

    Someone somewhere
    Far from the madding crowd,
    Is in a better place, they say!
    But are you really there, Gil?
    Are you really in a place better than home?
    Do you really not want to come back?

    You never wanted this, did you?
    To die like a stone,
    buried under another.
    To get sucked in
    by the swirling waters,
    Back to where you came from.

    Nobody even saw you leave.
    Not even yourself.
    But I promise I will try to keep you alive.
    In my words and songs.
    The words fly away into a sky that
    promises too much, and yields so little.

    Maybe I will fail. Miserably.
    But I will try, Gil.
    Like Markus Zusak said,
    I have hated words, and I have loved them,
    and I hope I have made them right!

    - Rasvi Maligi.