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    Corruption , corruption and corruption????
    Who is to blame??
    Obviously us.
    We are the part of system:
    We are the part of judiciary.
    We play foul ,to mint money we don't take up the cases where our palms are not greased.
    We coach the clients to defeat the truth just to maintain the winning spree.

    We are the part of politics.
    We are the political leaders;
    we choose the false leaders to satisfy our personal gains.So no wonder why a matriculate minister doesn't understand the needs of research scholars
    or why the degree holders are asked to turn into street vendors to earn a livelihood.

    We are the army to defend or destroy the nation.
    To get promotions,some medals
    we use both might and power and don't shy away from implicating innocents levying fake charges on them,no matter what the victim family suffers.

    We are the educationists, to disseminate constructive teachings but we bulldoze the society,
    when we do injustice to our profession,we lack morals,we shirk work, or when we create nepotism.

    We are helming the various offices,to render selfless services to the general public but we fleece the needy.
    So WE are the REAL game changers.(actually spoiling the game of life)
    "We" the humans of this very planet IRONICALLY lack the very hallmark of humanity.

    "We" the so-called ideal citizens bearing the filthy mindsets when we are blinded by hatred,silent at the scenes of oppression or casting lusty gazes on the weaker sex.

    "We" the Patriots dividing the nation in the name of religion,caste,creed and status.So we ,the internal elements are the threat to National Integrity.We need to be countered first.
    Fighting wars in the Warfield or safeguarding the borders is secondary thing,,first we,the people need to get unified under the umbrella of love and humanity.
    "We" the PROUD INDIANS....but proud because we are more knowledgeable ,richer, stronger or fairer than our fellow beings.

    If we really wanna change the society for the common good.
    Let's change ourselves first.
    Because while pointing a finger at somebody three fingers always reflect back to our individual selves.
    We need to introspect and retrospect ourselves.
    How good we are doing for the society.
    Let's understand our obligations towards our fellow beings,our society and our nation.

    We may think globally but we need to act individually.
    As CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME,so let's all start working together for a better, prosperous and corruption-free tomorrow.

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