• kajouleeee 6w


    Do you remember, how we used to talk in "our" sign language, when our teachers separated us?
    Do you remember, how we took every opportunity to go to "their" class?
    Do you remember, how we used to spend hours on call and text, even after practically spending the day together?
    Do you remember, how we were inseparable and set an example others? I wonder, if you do.
    Some things and some people never change, right? I'm one of those.
    I still laugh at puns and lame jokes.
    I still make those huge cards.
    I still think twice before abusing.
    And I still prefer cappuccino over latte.
    I crave for your hugs,
    I yearn for those never happening night overs.
    And I still wait for those calls, which lasted for hours.
    And in this ever changing life, you were variable and I was always constant.
    With years, I adapted to your absence, physically.
    But my heart isn't ready to accept it yet. So,
    Do you remember "our" sign language because life has separated us and I need to talk.
    - Forever the person who'll take a US trip with you any time!