• shauryaa 6w

    Dear bff

    I remember our first day at school and the moments after that when we learnt to ride a bike
    We went paddling through our ups and downs and still laughed our way home
    Exams were the time we use to discuss syllabus just the day before
    We were like each other we had the same dreams and goals and just little things
    How we waited across the road to meet at the decided point
    Ate our favourite chocolates and laughter which use to hurt stomach so bad
    We grew up apart and studied so hard only to be in touch just for heart
    We were away just a call away
    We grew we learnt we survived all the days
    Now we are so socially engaged that i friendship had no time
    On social media #bff trended and what we had slowly faded
    only to the day i realised this was not our fate
    Online was all good but reality had other shape
    Now you are a friend like everybody else
    Thankyou for staying so long had great days