• arvarion 6w

    Endless - a song

    Verse 1
    Revel in
    The starless night
    Head held high
    Eyes gleaming bright

    But deep inside
    You long for
    The blazing moon
    You hear it call

    Take my hand and walk with me
    Just take a step and you’ll be free

    No more lies, no more tears
    No more monsters and nightmares
    for you to fear

    Fall with me into the light
    Break through the chains of darkness
    They’ll never see you cry
    You know this time it’s endless

    I’ll be your shining light
    Be your shield of calmness
    You’ll never need to cry
    This time my faith is endless

    This light is endless

    This faith is endless

    Verse 2
    Revel in
    The burning sky
    Hands held high
    Brought into life

    But deep inside
    You know you long for
    The muted stars
    Whispering their call

    Take a stand and run with me
    Into the night where you’ll be free

    No blinding light
    No burning madness in the sky

    Fly with me into the night
    From the grips of allegiance
    As teardrops blur our sights
    My trust is endless

    I’ll be your quiet fight
    Be your sword of silence
    Let your tears fall and ignite
    This night is endless

    Our love is endless

    (Day or night
    We’ll let you shine
    Watch us fall
    Watch us rise)

    This day is endless

    (Dark or light
    We’ll let you burn
    Watch us fall
    Watch us fly)

    This hope is endless